Welcome to Red Ensign Solutions. We provide a range of support services to the subsea cable installation and protection sector.

Who we are

We are a UK based Marine and Subsea Cable Consultancy service providing solutions to the submarine cable business and its associated activities within the marine sector.

How we work

Our advice and support is based upon extensive practical and operational experience acquired across the subsea cable industry for more than 18 years.

Our services for you

We offer a range of consultancy services within commercial, business development, project planning and execution cycles to meet client requirements in their sectors.


Andy’s vast business development and operational experience in cable installation and trenching projects will be pivotal in driving forward our global expansion strategy and in forging strong relationships in new geographic market areas.

Mark Gillespie
ESS managing director


Subsea Telecoms Cable

We have many years of experience within the telecommunications sector, which is the backbone of our business expertise. We bring a vast range of knowledge for telecoms systems globally.


Subsea High Voltage Power Cables

With extensive experience in high voltage subsea cables for offshore wind projects and interconnectors, we posses a credible and strong basis to advise clients and support the challenges faced by energy developers.


Subsea Cable Maintenance Strategies

Damaged subsea power cables can result in significant revenue losses for offshore wind farms. We provide support for cable owners by developing new solutions to minimise the impact of cable failures.

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