Subsea High Voltage Power Cables


With extensive experience in high voltage subsea cables for offshore wind projects and interconnectors Red Ensign Solutions possesses a credible and strong basis to advise clients and support the challenges faced by energy developers.

Whether supporting development planning or the execution of installation or maintenance requirements our experience can be applied at any stage of a project.

  • Market Intelligence
  • Guidance and support for contract negotiation
  • Guidance of marketing material
  • Guidance for tender submission
  • Lead/prospects generation, evaluation and follow up
  • Development of business plans, marketing and entry strategies
  • Sourcing local partners to support business in remote areas
  • Route engineering guidance and support
  • Supporting cable fault risk assessment
  • Guidance for cable installation techniques and strategies for cost effective installation
  • Planning for cable protection and remedial works
  • Maintenance strategies post installation

Without doubt the leading knowledge on cable installation across the offshore renewables industry.

Toby Mead
Partner at Manor Renewable Energy Ltd

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