Subsea Telecommunications Cables


Our submarine cable experience has been gained over the course of many years working in the telecommunications sector and is the backbone of our business expertise.

Red Ensign Solutions bring a vast range of sector specific knowledge for the installation, protection and ongoing maintenance strategies for  telecoms systems globally.

Our experience is applicable to market business development, commercial support, project design and execution methodologies for installation and maintenance development. Red Ensign Solutions has a wealth of knowledge of industry specific requirements for vessel type and equipment specifications drawn from personal experience of industry development and the application of technology over the years.

  • Market Intelligence
  • Guidance and support for contract negotiation
  • Guidance of marketing material
  • Guidance for tender submission
  • Lead/prospects generation, evaluation and follow up
  • Development of business plans, marketing and entry strategies
  • Sourcing local partners to support business in remote areas
  • Route engineering guidance and support
  • Supporting cable fault risk assessment
  • Guidance for cable installation techniques and strategies for cost effective installation
  • Planning for cable protection and remedial works
  • Maintenance strategies post installation

Andy’s vast business development and operational experience in cable installation and trenching projects will be pivotal in driving forward our global expansion strategy and in forging strong relationships in new geographic market areas.

Mark Gillespie
ESS managing director

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